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Have you ever wanted the luxury of calling your own Help-Desk when you get stuck on your computer? Thanks to new technology, you can now enjoy professional support with your computer right over the Internet! When you have a question or problem, simply call for help, and I will assist you over the Internet, as we talk on the phone. Yes, it is more convenient, and you do save money! You only pay for actual time used to solve your problem!

the Computer Tutor 

Ron Nelson


in Victoria, BC

To connect to me you will need to install the connection software.

Phone first, and I will 'talk you through it'

Here is a list of some of my favorite tools. I may instruct you to install one or more of these during a session. You are also welcome to use these links to install them yourself.

TUTS - The Ultimate Troubleshooter  Download

DropBox  Sign up for free space to get started!

Evernote  A lot of capability for free - add features with pro